Why Choose a Phillip Capital Savings Account?

Why Choose a Phillip Capital Savings Account?

A Singapore Saving Plan provides its customers with financial security and peace of mind. This is what the people of Singapore call “wealth” and it gives them a reason to smile every time they look at their bank account. You need not worry about the cost of retirement when you go for Singapore saving plan. You do not have to pay taxes and there are no worries about social security when you opt for this plan. Moreover, the government of Singapore works to ensure that every citizen gets his fair share of this saving scheme. The plan has been modified many times in order to ensure that the interests of the savers and the interests of the country are both met.

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The Singapore saving plan guarantees a guaranteed return of 100%. The returns are made from the interest earned by the customer. The saving scheme lasts on a fixed annual basis up to the maturity of the scheme. This endowment saving plan guards you against premature death and terminal illnesses.


There are no worries asked on the health of the investor. The guaranteed interest rates and the assured returns make this endowment saving plan the most popular one in the country. The minimum requirements necessary for this plan are the age of the investor and his job. Other conditions required are the income proof, residence proof and the source of the income proof. One can withdraw money from the cash deposit without having to pay any taxes.


The maturity period for the Singapore savings account varies according to the type of investment you have chosen and the length of time you have held the account. One option is the one-year endowment plan where as the two or three year plan allows you to invest more regularly and earn better returns. The other option is the one year standard deposit saving plan where as the five year, ten year and twenty-year plans allow you to accumulate interest automatically through the accumulation of dividends.


Investing in Singapore annuities ensure that you get the best returns at the earliest when you least expect them. The maturity period is just three years for the endowments and also for the short term saving plan Singapore. This is because the maturity period of these plans allow you to accumulate interest and the rates are higher in case of endowments. The interest rates are decided by the Singapore government while approving the plans. In order to be qualified for an endowment, you have to invest a minimum amount as a member of a self directed investment plan and contribute regularly.


The investment rates are high in Singapore. The government keeps the interest rates low to encourage saving and encourage people to invest more in their countries. Even the banks offer competitive rates on their saving accounts and various other products. The banks are well aware of the fact that many people prefer saving as opposed to investing. The banks have made special offers for this purpose to lure more customers to invest their money. One of the best features of these monthly investment plans is that there are no commissions involved for the services and thus you can invest your money and earn a good return on it.


The other features of phillipcapital are hassle free and simple to use. There is no need to go through complicated procedures to start investing. The only thing you need to do is choose the account and the mode of investment which suits you the best. You can start investing immediately after registration with the Phillip Capital website and you will receive all the information on your email.


Another feature of the Phillip Capital Singapore is that you can earn tax-free income if you invest your savings in the various products available in the various investment categories. You can choose to invest your money in a range of options like regular shares saving plan, flexible saving account or GIC`s. Apart from saving money, you can also make good profits if you invest in other assets. Apart from saving money, you can earn by renting apartments in prime locations, buying commercial properties, opening up shop, etc. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.