What The Kids Want: The Most Popular Home Decor Trends, According to Gen Z

If your space doesn`t look cozy, stylish, and ready for the world wide web, Gen Z doesn`t want it. This generation sees potential in each and every room and will devote an entire weekend transforming their spaces with hacks from TikTok, adorable products from Etsy, and seriously cool finds from the thrift store. They have not only defined and refined 2021 home decor trends, but have let them take over every inch of the bedrooms, baths, and backyards.


What is Gen Z?

Born between the years 1997 and 2010, this generation has fully embraced and supported all things DIY and a more modern lifestyle. Some members of Gen Z comprise Zoey Deutch, Mason Cook, Emily Ratajkowski, Georgia Fowler, and more. Generation Z is the only generation to feature a 3 letter acronym, commonly seen on cereal boxes and social media. Basically, you should treat these Gen Zers like they`re another extension of your family. However, we`ve discovered a whole new generation of Gen Z tendencies, now thatthey are somuch more mature. Whether you have a home together or not, here is everything your teenybopper, 20-something, or 30-something home has to be the coolest space on the block.

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The Tech-Lover

Who knew that millennials would be a part of the first wave of digital natives and shoppers in all its technology-packed glory? Millennials may have gotten all of the love, but Gen Z is taking over. There is a reason Gen Z`ers are so tech-savvy: It`s where their creativity and ingenuity are bred. Once, one such neighborhood Gen Zer is spending his summer days designing iFloor`s floor tiles in their showroom. Expect to see iFloor tile creations around Instagram this fall with beautiful typography and contemporary designs that are bursting with color. This Gen Z believer also devised his own product for Taco Bell called Flamin` Hot Cheeto Balls. The Fashionista This generation is well-versed in beauty secrets and takes their road style seriously.

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The Minimalist


If minimalist design is on the table, they will go all out. This group needs super minimalist furniture that blends in their space (such as a bed that goes up into the ceiling) and contemporary geometric furniture. When it is not elegant, clean, and empty, they will skip it. Photo Credit: April Palinkas The Chinese Classics How does a space complete without a work of art? Make it one of those gigantic objects. These 10″ tall, glass pedestals make for a excellent meditation wall or any other gathering space. Add a bunch of pillows and they may also be applied as seating for any event. Photo Credit: April Palinkas Flower Power The color yellow is going to have you seeing more than just orange and yellow this year.

The Fashionista


The Fashionista chooses their design for their own reasons, but largely because they love it. They wish to wear trendy pieces and experiment with their style. They`re extremely curious about trend and always thinking about new trends, but are inclined to be cautious about keeping things cheap, as they often dress to impress at their high school and college, but also at their jobs. They`re the second-most social generation after millennials, according to Pew Research, and Instagram is often the main way they discuss their personal style. In the wilds of the adolescent years, they prefer to shop from thrift shops, but they also have a love of department stores and online shopping.

The Contemporary Traditionalist

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2019 home decor trends were so sudden thatyou could see the collages of pineapples, flamingos, and the New Wave Soul Planters round the room. That`s exactly what makes these tendencies, such as the minimalist Scandi appearance, so innovative and forward-thinking. Beyond the aesthetic, the DIY mentality is contagious, and they get off on crafting and prepping. What better way to decorate your space than by prepping the home ahead of time? Future-Ready These Gen Z home decor trends are as futuristic as they are comfortable. They know what`s coming: electrification, medical technology, and machine-learning. They have already got their defenses set up, so it`s time to worry less and love your tech.

In Conclusion

Though, like all trends, you can not be 100 percent sure what`s hot this season, but the trends that are likely to be the most popular do not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.