BBL before and after

Brazilian Butt Lift Advantages

Brazilian Butt Lift is like having TWO operations for the price of one. It is the ideal technique to simultaneously improve your buttocks, hips, belly, back, and waist.

A BBL transfers fat from regions you don’t want to areas you want, giving you curves in all the right places!

Brazilian Butt Lift works with your fat to shape your new butt! Unlike implants, which can appear and feel artificial, your fat is soft and elastic and will provide safe natural results.

 Long-term outcomes! The fat does not go. We obtain an average of 70-80 percent fat take with our method, and most patients will have long-term results. Your Brazilian butt lift results will persist if you follow your surgeon’s instructions and keep a balanced diet and exercise routine.


Arian Mowlavi, Ph.D.

There are many photo sets to choose from in this BBL before and after collection. Every week, Dr. Mowlavi performs multiple BBL operations. He is well-known for doing BBL revision surgery. To be able to repair other surgeons’ botched operations is a measure of skill. It is a beautiful testimonial that these patients are referred to Dr. Mowlavi for correction and improvement by other doctors and surgeons.